Refined details for Laurameroni working space


  •  Sistema Line, design by Cesare Arosio
  •   Pouf Drapè, design by Bartoli Design
  • MA01, Collezione Elementi, design by Mark Anderson
  •  Pouf Drapè, design by Bartoli Design
  •  Decor Acoustic, design by Bartoli Design
  • Cubik, design by  Paolo Nicolò Rusolen
  •  Contenitore Cirque, design by Bartoli Design
  •  Satellite CG45 ? Collezione Elementi, design by Carlo Giorgi

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25 OTT 2016
Innovative solutions designed for elegant working spaces, where materials and finishes play a leading role. This is the proposal signed by Laurameroni for Orgatec

If the working space wants a touch of elegance and refinement, you have to play with materials, details, finishes. Following this design concept, Laurameroni offers an interpretation of the office that combines functionality with high aesthetic values, where elegance has a primary role.
Whether it's meeting rooms, reception area, working area or executive office, the basis is always a warm and materical allure.

Among the products on display, the sophisticated Line Wall Panels by Cesare Arosio, made of wood and brass channels, will be presented together with the Decor Wall Paneling System by Bartoli Design, with its special carving.
These wall panels are available in combinations with shelves or crystal showcases and with special integrated lighting and acoustic solutions, to create a pleasant and concentrating working atmosphere. Besides, the sophisticated Stars Console by Bartoli Design, with its precious metals, the elegant Drapé Ottomans and the sophisticated Cirque Units will be exhibited.