With Fantoni the workplace becomes intelligent

Rachele Frigerio


  • The Fantoni exhibition space at Orgatec asks us to reflect on the new ways of working and on how the workplace is changing. It seeks to give an answer to this, rooted in design customisation and in the involvement of the user, embracing technological innovations while always remaining human-centred
  •  Acoustic Room meets the need for privacy and for smaller meeting spaces: an acoustically protected haven within an open-plan or collective space. This sound-proofed room-within-a-room is available in two different-sized modules built of high-sound-absorbency 4akustik panels, creating islands within high-traffic spaces
  •  4akustik a sound absorbent product formulated to achieve absolute excellence in terms of both health and safety. 4akustik complies with the "F4 star" standard, certified by the Japanese authorities, with reference to its extremely low formaldehyde content and consequent environmental protection. Hence this product is extremely eco-friendly, and suitable for use in public spaces
  •   Framework is a flexible solution for the creation of customized and shared work stations and meeting points. The storage units, bookcases and lockers offer absolute versatility of layout, creating clean lines and an essential architecture
  • The element built into the desk top helps to organise both the private working environment and the collective space, creating subdivisions and corridors. Its height is designed to allow communication between colleagues, while maintaining a respectful distance. The equipped cabinet can hold documents and correspondence, as well as removable plexiglas boxes in which to transport your personal effects and working materials
  • The warmth of the Oak or Walnut finish, the brightness of the White and Grey. Framework combines a harmonious colour scheme with intelligent solutions and accessories, such as the dustproof brush strips for the front screen panel or the metal cable duct that slots onto the leg of the desk, providing an alternative to the classic cable spine
  • With Framework 2.0 the office can assume a variety of forms. The desk top can, for example, be combined with T-shaped metal stands and a supporting unit with drawers and open compartments
  •  Hub - designed by multiple Compasso d'Oro award winner Matteo Ragni - is a system created to solve all today's demands for a flexible workplace, offering a series of modules, from shared workstations to the places of concentration and focus needed in our everyday work
  •  The organization of spaces changes and increases the types of settings available: individual, collaborative, focused, or for relaxation. The Hub module - single, double, multiple, or the high version - is a traditional work table that can also be so much more, adapting to suit organizational dynamics
  •  Height-adjustable Lift-Up desks can be integrated into the various Fantoni collections, from Framework to Sistema28 to Quaranta5, where the electrical mechanism is completely built into the side of the desk, offering a height range of 50 cm (70-120), and making it possible to work both sitting and standing

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10 NOV 2016
More and more technology in the workplace, where the Internet of Things generates collaboration and communication. The latest products from Fantoni, created in collaboration with cMF, are inspired by this philosophy

New ways of working and new spaces assigned for doing so. A change of approach to the professional world, influenced primarily by technology, which comes to the fore in the office where it reshapes the dynamics. This is the direction taken by Fantoni with its innovative furniture, a preview of which was given at Orgatec.
Smart Environment is the great breakthrough, intelligent furniture that is the outcome of the collaboration between the company and eFM.

The office is turned into a dynamic reality that opens onto broader social and creative settings. It is a place to work, imagine, plan and interact.  In this new concept, the function of furniture is primary: open spaces, flexible structures that match the creative and professional flexibility of the users, comfortable products that improve wellbeing at work; but, above all, integrated technological innovation in offices and furniture, the so-called Internet of Things, which improves communication and collaboration by creating new models of work. This is the outcome, through the creation of the Smart Environment, of the partnership between Fantoni and eFM (a brand founded in 2000 with the aim of bringing innovation to the property market and improving the wellbeing of people in the workplace, providing technologies for the digital transformation of properties).  
The first in the product family is the plug&play intelligent desk, which incorporates movement sensors that display, via web or mobile, the state of occupation of the workplaces (booked and occupied, booked but unoccupied, occupied but not booked or free).  
Smart Environments can, moreover, be integrated with the Building Management System (BMS) and Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) to allow equipment to be automatically turned on and off and to activate maintenance service producers.  

Fantoni’s vision of work in the new millennium has created a series of products that put the user and their needs at the centre: from the Hub system of Matteo Ragni to the Acoustic Room, from Lift-Up tables to containers with micro-perforated doors for soundproofing.For a complete, intelligent collection that moves from the global to the local, from the one to the many.