The two faces of style


  • Living by Bel Mondo
  • Living by Bel Mondo
  • Bedroom by Bel Mondo
  • Walk-in closet by Bel Mondo
  • Kitchen by Bel Mondo
  •  Studio by Bel Mondo
  • Entrance by Bellotti Ezio
  • Dining by Bellotti Ezio
  • Dining by Bellotti Ezio
  • Living by Bellotti Ezio

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7 APR 2017
Two different collections in terms of style, but with the same craftsmanship and quality, presented in two locations. This is how Bellotti Ezio came to the Milan shows, strengthened by an invigorated identity

Bellotti Ezio responded positively to the Salone del Mobile’s renewal of the Classico pavilion, reaping the advantages and potential it offers. Indeed, the new format, which features a more homogenous and balanced layout coupled with styles presented distinctly, allowed the company to present its two collections independently of each other for the first time: these are the classic Bellotti Ezio line and the new cotemporary Bel Mondo, designed by the architect Giovanni Luca Ferreri

“I am definitely in favour of change- says Donatella Bellotti, third generation running the company - This is why I welcomed the new exhibition format. This allows us to showcase our stylistic lines better while the public is able to visit the halls by product type.” 

For those seeking highly cultivated interior design, in which craftsmanship and rich details prevail, Bellotti Ezio proposes a complete collection for the home in which strong colours, spanning the gamut from oranges to blues to warm earth tones, modulate the environment: a sumptuous hall leads to the mother of pearl inlaid dining room and the bedroom, which features three dimensional carvings in shades of blue; we pass by the ebony desk to reach the “music room” where an impressive, completely carved, grand piano steals the scene. 

On the other hand, the Bel Mondo line has a more international, contemporary feel. Last year a small preview of this line was shown, now it is presented exclusively and in its full glory: the living room area with large and small armchairs and complements (from TV stands to cupboards and consoles), the dining area (furnished with a table, small armchairs, display cabinet and cupboard) and the bedroom with the elegant canopied bed, two nightstands, a dressing table and double door closet. The common element of the lines is the strong, clean styling, a formal lightness and delicate aesthetics expressed through the light tones of the fabrics combined with the coffee shades of the ash wood, highlighted by the burnished brass found in the details. 

“For us, this collection represents a real change, a true evolution, with which we intend to enter the retail market. We also intend to approach a different target, starting with the US market. Our artisanal background gives us the flexibility to develop all types of styles and designs, in tandem with our classic line.”