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  • ARPER, Hall 22 - Stand D20-D24 - The geometric fascination of the Art Déco style reinterpreted and reduced to the essential: these are the Arcos chairs (designed by Lievore Altherr Molina), which stand out for the mark of the curved armrests integrated in the matt painted aluminium frame. Photo © Marco Covi
  • ARES LINE - Created by Frigerio Design in collaboration with the technical team of Ares Line, Base is a modular sofa, available in two heights and designed to house an LED light on the soffit; a rich colour palette offers complete freedom of design.
  • CAIMI BREVETTI - Snowsound Fiber® is a range of acoustic fabrics produced after three years? research in the field of acoustic design intended for public places and the workplace. They can be made in 100% polyester with flame-retardant fibres, 100% recyclable, and can be washed and ironed. They are furnished with Greenguard Gold certification.
  • CALLIGARIS - Shell in recyclable technopolymer or upholstered in faux leather in eight colours. These are the chairs of the Academy series (designed by Michele Menescardi), created for the office and conference sector and available with 4 legs, footrest, on wheels or sliding, with or without armrests. Available with hook for anchorage in conference rooms in variants for the HoReCa sector.
  • DIEFFEBI - Dotbox, the furniture system for storage and organising workspaces made in laser-cut steel plate, has been enriched with new functions. It can be personalised with cushions and panels of various shapes and flame-retardant fabrics, and also with a special planter with a smart vase for air purification through the Itair® technology.
  • FANTONI - From the collaboration with Metrica results Woods, a full program of tables that includes a series of modules ranging from ?focus? position to sharing, from meeting to joint rooms. Keyword is the use of solid wood. The leg features two telescopic cylindrical elements with an electric mechanism that allows easy adjustments of the base.
  • i4 MARIANI - A round shell recalling historic  archetypes identifies the Planet armchair (designed by Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri), based on an idea of an enveloping private and personal space without complete detachment. It is covered in leather both inside and out with horizontal quilting. The swivel base can be configured in various finishes.
  • Ossido nero by Laminam
  • NEWFORM UFFICIO - Karim Rashid has designed Hook,  a modular furniture design made  up of desks that can be combined  together, furnished with slots for cables and accessories, and  personalised with a screen for privacy, shelves, drawers, brackets and light. The Hook series won the international Recipient C77DA Award - the Best of Design 2014.
  • STARPOOL - With the Zerobody lounger for dry floating, which offers the benefits of immersion tanks, and with six guided and scientifically tested tours tested by the app Nu Rèlax attached in series to the loungers, the company has created an innovative project based on wellness and neuroscience that redefines the concept of wellbeing. The possible applications in the corporate universe are many.
  • TECNO - Designed by the Centro Progetti Tecno  with Daniele del Missier, the Clavis table  is centred on a patented coupling that joins the components of the frame, allowing fast  and unlimited configuration. It can be integrated with io.T, the Intelligence of Tecno, which guarantees interconnected working, and with modesty panels, shelves, drawers and brackets.
  • USM - USM Haller E is the new furniture system with integrated light. In the tube then there is a cutout where the light is added. The light is available in two color temperatures (cold white and warm white), and in an open compartment but also in closed compartments.

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6 APR 2017
Design for the benefit of the working environment and creative wellbeing. This is the direction being pursued by the proposals at the Workplace 3.0 Biennale, with the aid of technology and materials that play a leading role

Workplace 3.0 is back – for its 18th edition – with an exhibition to showcase innovative concepts dedicated to design and technology for the working environment. An event that aims to give a winning response to the rapid change in the office world and the new market demands.

This is evolution not only in the different ways of operating, but even in the very idea of a workplace: thanks to digital advances, new, increasingly flexible organisational models are being defined, professional environments are becoming locations where new social bonds can be generated and established to the benefit of creativity.

Design is developing in parallel with the new trends in the workplace, generating dynamic, more functional solutions that ensure both physical and mental wellbeing.  

The Biennale will be a vast showcase for more than a hundred international brands in pavilions 22 and 24, represented here by a selection of new proposals at the exhibition.