The Classic looks to the future


  • VISMARA - This versatile Ping Pong table  is part of the Luxury Entertainment collection, an element with  an innovative design, a strong personality and the ability to be converted from an elegant meeting table into a games table, thanks to the simple positioning of a net and  a set of professional accessories  in their own little drawer.
  • ANNIBALE COLOMBO - The modern heir of classical beliefs, Mettitutto, designed by Stefano Boeri according to the ancient technique of the artisan masters, returned to the limelight in the day zone,  perpetuating its traditional function as a  container of objects but with a renewed, evolved design, new shapes and new functions.
  • ANTOLINI - Originally offered in natural stone for designer interiors, Invisible Light evokes the effect of a cascade of soft, fresh water with definite but disorderly scratched lines, playing on the contrast between full and empty, light and dark, visible and invisible. Striking flashes of unexpected light make the elegant strength of the material emerge.
  • ARTE VENEZIANA - Cabinet/Mobile Bar of the Transition collection by Giovanni Luca Ferreri, in which the doors, embellished with hand carvings with a delicate pattern of an oriental landscape in silvery colours, are in harmony with the geometric lines of the metal structures, in antique brass effect finish.
  • BAMAX - Like the rest of the Ribot collection, of which it forms part, the new table designed by Giacomo Baron is inspired by the style of the 1920s, borrowing its most significant features and offering a modern take on the canons and traits of art deco. Walnut is combined with refined brass in an elegant balance of forms and materials.
  • CASAMILANO - With their solid wood and curved plywood structures, the Empire table, designed by Marco Boga, and the Royale padded seats, designed by Castello Lagravinese, are the work of highly expert artisans. An original combination of warm and cool materials that bring both rigour and comfort to their setting.
  • CHELINI - Inspired by the fifties, the pendant lamp I-cone, with its ten lamps, manages to bestow an unusual retro atmosphere on the space. The frame is in polished brass and the lighting fixtures are in antique black decorated wood.
  • CITCO - Bold and fascinating, Venus, created by the French designer Ora-ïto, is a chaise longue hewn from an entire block of marble. With a sinuous design, it stands out for its ability to transmit energy: the light reflected from the surfaces looses its original coldness and acquires a hint of warmth.
  • CITTERIO - Hermitage is not only a belief but an eloquent element of art, created with precious woods,  details in gilded bronze and rich engravings on glass with a special silk effect. The mother of pearl inlays and details in precious stones, the fruit of the best artisan processes, make this belief an exclusive  and precious article of furniture.
  • CLAN MILANO - Linear and volumetric: Michelin is a sofa with harmonious proportions and horizontal development. Soft and enveloping, it?s available in fine leather or removable fabric. To the same line belongs Michelin armchair, designed to create an exclusive living area.
  •  COLOMBOSTILE - The unique Fred table (design  Elena Viganò) is one of the stars  in the flagship store at Via Durini.  Here, the new collaboration  between the brand and Rubelli  will be presented during the event  ?Colombostile meets Rubelli?. The wooden structure with layers  in Vavona briar ?Fossil from Oregon? meets the precious perimetric metal bands in white gold bath finish.
  • CORNELIO CAPPELLINI - A harmonious balance of tradition and modernity in the new Beatrix armchairs, featuring a motif in stitching in a contrasting colour that enhances the preciousness of the artisan work and the care taken in the choice of materials. The original curve of the structure, made linear and stable at the base, evokes the comforting essence of antique rocking chairs.
  • ELLEDUE - Quattrocento is the new bed of art déco inspiration designed by Andrey Vega. Its organic, warm shape is embellished with decorative brass grills in geometric patterns, reiterated in the bedside table, which lend an original and luxurious character to the night room interior.
  • FRATELLI BOFFI - D-Vision.3 by Ferruccio Laviani is the first  of three version of the trumeaux collection  and features an original divider in which  the upper part symbolically slides downwards, changing the original design. Contrasting  colours and finishes: frisé wood for the upper part and lacquer for the lower.
  • GIANFRANCO FERRÉ HOME - The Infinity chest of drawers designed by the creative director Livio Ballabio, made with a beech wood frame and covered in Nubuck leather. The decorations are austere and original, obtained from the effect in relief of the studs, which create an elegant effect of continuity with the structure.
  • JUMBO COLLECTION - This upholstered armchair designed by  the architect Livio Ballabio is called Étoile. The cover is in luminous velvet and leaves space in the lower part for the exposed wooden frame. The back is embellished with brass decorative elements that austerely underline the reference to the classics.
  • LE FABLIER - The sideboard Andromeda, whose structure is made in solid wood  enriched by a particular polishing, belongs to the living collection  Le Mimose. Inspired by the Italian style of early ?800, it brings the classic elegance into modern homes.
  • LONGHI - Exhibited in different variations, Elda is a futurist armchair designed by Joe Colombo. Conceived in 1963, it went into production in 1965 and was inspired by the construction technology of the hulls of boats.  It was one of the first articles of furniture in which plastic material was reinforced with glass fibre.
  • MASCHERONI - The Maximum sofas and armchair  are manufactured with great skill, with solid wood frame and parts in curved birch, upholstered in full grain leather. They are equipped with protective corner guards decorated with patterns made by laser cutting and can be covered completely in leather, velvet or other materials.
  • OAK - A new linear office table, essential  in the geometry of the composition, where the rigour of the forms is emphasised by bronze strips and polished rosewood. The significant thicknesses give the  structure strength and stability, making it  an architectural article of furniture in dialogue with the various living spaces.
  • PHILIPP SELVA - Comfortable, with an understated  style but an elegant appearance, the Trust bed, which can be customised in the choice of leathers and fabrics, was specially designed to be combined with the other models in the collection, new in terms of its forms and inspiration but faithful to itself in its choice of precious and skilfully processed materials.
  • PROVASI - One of latest news, Bessie discloses contemporary classic lines and a geometrical pattern that perfectly combines with decorations and trimmings.
  • RIVA ATELIER - The Masterpiece Collection is a tribute to luxury intended as a research of detail that led to the use of malachite to make furniture with a royal flavor. One example is the bed Malakite, reminiscent of the jewels belonged to the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs which were created using the same material.
  • ROBERTO CAVALLI HOME INTERIORS - This exclusive bergère made in a single printed fabric could only be called Ocean with its ability to evoke the different colours and depths of the oceans, thanks to an elegant combination of prints. The base is also sophisticated, in laser cut metal with shiny gold finish.
  • ROBERTO GIOVANNINI - From the Prestige collection, a majestic armchair in Louis XV style, made with an engraved base in Antique Decapé Gold and coated in Jim Thomson blue silk velvet, enriched with precious marabou that mark the contours: an elegant combination that immediately evokes the luxurious atmosphere of the middle of the 18th century.
  • SICIS - An interior decoration project suffused with the influence of styles and inspiration both classical and contemporary covers 10 rooms, each built and furnished according to a precise mood. Fil rouge the use of Vetrite as new and innovative covering material, which enables unusual covers to be created in harmony with the furniture.
  • SMANIA - Light and delicate compositions are combined with tactile and precious fabrics in the Evia chaise longue designed by Alessandro La Spada, which moulds organic forms into soft and sinuous lines, inspired by the scents and sensations of gardens in bloom, and in the Paros side table with glass surface and painted aluminium structure.
  • SOHER - Inspired by the film shot in 1927, the Metropolis collection - which includes this dining room handcrafted in walnut, leather and bronze - pays tribute to the landscapes and architectural styles outlined by the Director Fritz Lang, dressing the Art Déco with a futuristic look.
  • TRUSSARDI - Maryl, designed by Carlo Colombo with the creative direction of Gaia Trussardi, is an armchair with a measured design, intended to stylishly furnish a living area and lounge. The design, a tribute to the tradition of the Milan Maison, is strengthened with an austere and sophisticated marking that outlines the silhouette of the back and arms.
  • ZANABONI - The three-seater Diana sofa is comfortable and welcoming, also available in a two-seater version with armchair and pouf. To embellish and complete the room, there is a set of two side tables with table lamps, a perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

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7 APR 2017
New inspirations defines the refined proposals of classic and ‘new luxury’, styles that are contextualized for the first time in different exhibition areas

Again this year, the area dedicated to classic furniture and accessories (pavilions 2 and 4) takes its place in the flow of renewal that the Salone pursues every year and that last year brought the introduction of xLux, an area dedicated to luxury, restyled in a contemporary light (pavilions 1 and 3). A "new” classic, then, which starts with some important novelties: the name “Classic: tradition in the future” and the layout, more even, balanced and fluid.  The key values of the sector remain unchanged, made up of experience that is passed down, artisan mastery, creativity, taste and the ability to reinterpret the various styles with elegance and originality.