SaloneSatellite: a hotbed of international talent for 20 years


  • Photo © Andrea Mariani
  • Germany - Peter Otto Vosding: «We will be at SaloneSatellite  with a collection of eight products.  Our main project is the elegant, light  and comfortable Mu chair. By exploiting the features of natural ash, we have created a chair with an elastic backrest that bends and adapts to the body the instant it is  sat on. When we work on a design project, there are three important key words for us: functionality, elegance and value.»
  • Taiwan - Yen-Hao Chu: «Some time ago, I began to wonder how to make a wooden chair soft while keeping the aesthetic and functional value of the material. After various experiments, I found a solution that involves a 3D processed, flexible wooden veneer combined with a foam. With this technique, I created Tendersoft, a soft, very comfortable surface. I think that, in the future, design, usually focused on the visual and tactile effect, must stimulate the other senses as well, such as the hearing, for example.»
  • Spain - Nestor Campos: «Agatha is a line of table mirrors that stand out for their simple, iconic forms.  The project is made up of a spherical metal head that can swivel in all directions thanks to a magnet placed at the base.  One of the coming challenges for designers is slowing down; design takes time,  the quality of the products takes time.  This is already happening in food culture and perhaps the time has also come for our sector to begin to think about Slow Design.»
  • Norway - Stine Aas: «Put Coat Hook is a coat stand with a container that can also be used to keep keys, gloves and small objects. My work always starts with an idea that begins to really gel when I begin working on the details.  It?s the details that decide the design and really make the difference between a good product and a mediocre one.»
  • Italy - Fabrizio Averna: «Interaction and the desire to communicate with the end user are fundamental elements in the products that  I am presenting  at this SaloneSatellite. The Giuno armchair,  for example, with its oversize seat, reawakens playful or childish attitudes in those who sit in them. I think the design must be linked not only to the current aesthetic and technological canons but must offer solutions, be functional and interact with the user on an emotional plane. I want my works to be discreet, capable of integrating in the rooms and, at the same time, characterising them, sometimes revealing aspects of the personality of those who buy them.»
  • Croatia - Regular Company: «Our work is concentrated on the study of materials and different technologies, and on the different synergies that can arise. We are presenting various prototypes at SaloneSatellite that were developed in collaboration with artisans who use traditional techniques, together with the application of modern technologies like 3D printing. Among the products on the stand, the h.3 Chair features a strong contrast between forms and materials, male and female. The frame is deliberately perpendicular, geometrical and cold, in contrast with the chair and backrest, which are warm and welcoming.»
  • Japan - Yuri Himuro: «In recent years, I have developed my own weaving system that allows me to create unique textile concepts that can always been personalised. My work is very focused on emphasising the human aspect,  such as sharing and experimentation through activities that stimulate play.  The project I am presenting at Salone Satellite is Satoyama from the Snip-Snap collection. Visitors to the stand can cut the cloth and put in different elements to personalise the design. It will be great fun to see the result on the last day of the event.»
  • Italy - Gennaro Comunale: «My project Blanco Form displays  significant features of environmental  sustainability and historic references. Indeed, the composition of the elements on the upper surface of these objects tells the history of Italian architecture and art. The aim is to reassemble antique items in a modern form. A process that incorporates a ?nostalgic view of the past? in its new contemporary creations. In the future, we designers must concentrate on making changeable, flexible products so that those who use them can adapt them to their own personalities and needs.»

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7 APR 2017
Salone Satellite celebrates its first 20 years with a collection of ‘special edition’ objects and an anthological exhibition curated by Beppe Finessi, alongside the traditional stage of international talents

With technological progress and the evolution of the web of recent years having redefined the paradigms of design and opened up new spheres of action, with this year’s theme “Design is…?” SaloneSatellite, international launch pad for the under-35’s, is also encouraging new reflections on the value of process and design. A new edition that showcases the projects of 650 young designers and which, to celebrate its birthday, in the same pavilions (22 and 24) also hosts the 20-year SaloneSatellite Collection, a special edition of objects specially designed for the occasion by established international designers whose underlying theme is their career debut at the various editions. And that’s not all. The celebrations extend into the city with La Fabbrica del Vapore hosting SaloneSatellite. 20 years of new creativity, a major exhibition curated by Beppe Finessi that presents an anthology of pieces that have gone into production. Over 10,000 young professionals have participated at Satellite, many of whom going on to become acclaimed international designers. Finally, there will also be space for the 8th SaloneSatellite Award, created to establish contacts between young designers and the companies that exhibit at the Furniture Fair.