Studio Job interprets Tube for Slamp



19 APR 2017
With The Lightning Archives collection, Studio Job realizes seven versions of Tube, 90s masterpiece of Slamp

The Lightning Archives collection designe by Studio Job is a tribute to Tube, the historic Slamp masterpiece, first produced in the early nineties.

Through the creation of seven lamps with a strong visual identity it is in fact narrated the history and the Company’s decorative courage.

Luscious smiling lips, dancing animal skeletons, pop-art fruit, references to the Renaissance and superstitious frights: Labyrinth, Love Peace Joy, Perished, Peace Skull, Faena Art, Bananas and L’Afrique present the everyday iconography signs who worked with a number of graphic design principles (symmetry, watermarks, layering) which underline the perfectionism that characterizes Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel’s work.

Dense metaphoric suggestions, transposed cult references and two-dimensional forms take on depth when printed on transparent Cristalflex superimposed on an Opalflex layer, transmitting the light uniformly.