Essential design in a neo déco interpretation

Paola Tisi


  •  Essentials_Straf Hotel © Paoo Gatti
  • Essentials_Straf Hotel © Paolo Gatti
  •  Essentials_Straf Hotel © Yoshie Nishikawa
  • Essentials_Straf Hotel © Yoshie Nishikawa
  • Delightful_Cave © Yoshie Nishikawa
  • Delightful_Hall of Art © Yoshie Nishikawa
  • Delightful_Hall of Art © Yoshie Nishikawa
  • Delightful_Vegas © Yoshie Nishikawa
  • Delightful_Shanghai © Yoshie Nishikawa
  • Delightful_Egeo © Yoshie Nishikawa
  • Delightful_Room with a View © Yoshie Nishikawa
  • Delightful_Access to all © Yoshie Nishikawa
  • Delightful_Access to all © Yoshie Nishikawa
  • Delightful_Access to all  © Yoshie Nishikawa
  • Delightful_Cinema © Yoshie Nishikawa

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11 MAG 2017
Already in the limelight at Design Week, with its exhibition event Delightful, set up within the context of Euroluce, Ciarmoli Queda Studio has also reinterpreted living spaces with essentials, an installation which has found its ideal setting in the hotel Straf hall, Milan

Simone Ciarmoli and Miguel Queda of Ciarmoli Queda Studio have selected essentialism as the fil rouge for two reinterpretations of living spaces on display, thanks to their skill in reinventing languages of the past according to current aesthetics. On the one hand we have an exhibition event at the Salone, and on the other an installation at the Straf, Milan.
The latter is called Essentials, the first collection of furnishing accessories entirely designed by both designers and manufactured in collaboration with top Italian companies. A small wunderkammer in neo déco style which has transformed the hotel's hall into a shrine to everyday living, the venue for an original interior design experience through a concept which crystallises into essential pieces, rendered special by the use of materials characterised by warmth and rare tonalities. The scene include objects for everyday use by Delightful Murano, to Domino appliqué, the Gildo sofa with Gino ottoman and Giuditta, Primitiva or Silvana seats, not to mention mirrors, lampshades, plates, table rugs and an array of textiles.

The event DeLightFul is equally characterised by essential spaces which has guided visitors towards a new way of living domestic space, along a visual and emotional route. A succession of halls which recount different effects of contemporary design through furnishing accessories reinterpreted with original material, treatment and colour combinations and matchings, with strong allusions to the world of art, photography and creativity.