Amura and Saintluc: focus on integration


  •  Coach by Jean-Marie Massaud - Saintluc
  • Leonard by Emanuel Gargano - Amura
  •  Codet by Jean-Philippe Nuel - Saintluc
  • Eresia Emanuel Gargano & Anton Cristell - Amura
  •  Lapis by Emanuel Gargano & Anton Cristell - Amura
  •  Field by Philippe Nigro - Saintluc
  •  Hamac by Jean-Philippe Nuel - Saintluc
  •  Millefoglie by Emanuel Gargano & Anton Cristell - Amura
  •  Nil by Jean-Michel Wilmotte - Saintluc

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9 MAG 2017
The Puglia-based company and brand created by Frédéric Morand have joined forces to create a mood of international flavour, with the aim of transcending formal synergies. The resulting collection was exclusively presented on Tuesday, at the Milan-based showroom

Amura and Saintluc present starkly contrasting lands, stories and cultural legacies, however their paths have converged at a delicate point of balance which has produced a refined collaboration.
A partnership grounded in in the integration of forms and materials, between personalities tending towards individualism but which have come to blend without shunning their own identities.

Emanuel Gargano and Anton Gargano constitute the creative souls of Amura behind the latest collections, committed as always to quality craftsmanship coupled with a strong sense of belonging to their origins. Amura embraces important and often modular upholstered pieces, light seats, the use of wood with fabrics and leathers with marble and steel. Contrasts run in the life blood of Amura.

SaintLuc (San Luca is the protecting saint of painters and drawers) is a brand created by Frédéric Morand from France, an expert in composite materials from the automotive and aviation sectors, with an innovative soul and strong ecological vocation which has inspired him to embrace linen instead of fibreglass. He has since undertaken collaborations with Massaud, Nuel, Nigro and Wilmotte to name but a few. Seats and tables by Saintluc always have a story to tell, they are a convergence of ecology, technology, craftsmanship and industry, with a touch of glamour.

Amura and Saintluc: each one occupies their own space, without overwhelming each other, in a harmonious integration which confers fluidity and attractiveness upon interiors (with over 400 m2 of occupied space).

The Milan-based showroom, located just outside Brera, is strategically located to attract the international population which frequents the city, and constitute an operative base for sales activities oriented mainly abroad by both companies, especially in the contract and hospitality sectors.


Amura Flagship Store,  Piazzale Biancamano, 2 Milan