De Castelli’s identity in a book


  • The protagonists of tracing Identity project
  • The Agorà Theatre at Triennale Milano hosted the presentation of Tracing Identity book, dedicated to the project conceived by De Castelli in collaboration with seven designers
  • Leonardo Sonnoli signes the graphic design of the book
  •  Painting, design Alessandra Baldereschi. A big screen that looks like a theater scenery. Dream-like landscapes on both sides,  a night sky full of stars and rolling hills
  •  Elizabeth, design Nathalie Dewez. On the top you can place a lamp or many other complements. On the inside you can hide curiosities and small objects. Elegant on its small feet, Elizabeth charms with its light and delicate shapes. Fundamental is the special bending technique developed by De Castelli
  •  Volte, design Constance Guisset. Graceful and feisty at the same time, the soft lines of the shelves are supported by two smooth lateral wings characterized by peculiar délabré copper shades. At the base, a drawer completes the ensemble
  •  Scribble, design Francesca Lanzavecchia. This coffee tables collection aims to celebrate the beauties of De Castelli finishes. Precious materials that express themselves through distinctive oxidations combined with a minimal drawing
  •  Vomere, design Donata Paruccini. A table entirely made with metal that fights with the original heaviness of its material. The inclined surfaces of this table enhance the characteristics of De Castelli unique know-how. The sustaining structure is unusual, asymmetric
  •  Polifemo, design Elena Salmistraro. Polifemo is a cabinet, an innovative aesthetical version of a piece of furniture. The big central eye becomes a handle  and the thin metal legs sustain the structure, creating a contrast between the upper part  and the lower one
  •  Longing cabinet, design Nika Zupanc. Composed by small squared compartments, this cabinet of wishes makes a clear and current reference to old sideboards.The cabinet expresses the peculiarities of wishes through the selection of De Castelli copper finishes

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6 LUG 2017
Presented at the Triennale di Milano the volume dedicated to the project Tracing Identity conceived by De Castelli in collaboration with seven designers, winner of the Salone del Mobile.Milano Award 2017

The synergy between design and high craftsmanship is the protagonist of the event. Protagonist of the Tracing Identity project, conceived by De Castelli and edited by Evelina Bazzo; protagonist of the volume dedicated to it, according to Leonardo Sonnoli's graphic design; and also the protagonist of the seminar organized in Triennale on Tuesday, June 27, where all the authors of the project exchanged opinions on the theme.
From this combination stemmed a multi-stage process (product - book - video - seminar), aimed at highlighting De Castelli’s identity, its productive and design features, interpreted by a feminine vision.

Seven female designers have made a collection of metals with a determined expressive protagonism: Alessandra Baldereschi, Nathalie Dewez, Constance Guisset, Francesca Lanzavecchia, Donata Paruccini, Elena Salmistraro and Nika Zupanc have enhanced the potential of metals and finishes of the company through projects with high emotional contents, experimenting with other processes and surfaces, entering the De Castelli’s headquarters to know its technology and its workers.

This is how the Tracing Identity project was born, a limited edition counting 100 pieces, , which won the Salone del Mobile.Milano Award - Premio Speciale Banca Intesa Sanpaolo (Special Prize by Bank Intesa Sanpaolo).

Tracing Identity has also become a book, launched on Tuesday, June 27, at the Teatro Agorà of the Triennale di Milano museum, boasting a graphic design by Leonardo Sonnoli, edited by Antiga Edizioni; the second - after Copycat by Cino Zucchi, Biennale Architettura 2014 - of the "Castelli in Aria" series dedicated to De Castelli’s special projects. The book contains textual contributions by Chiara Alessi, Evelina Bazzo, Domitilla Dardi, Marva Griffin, Giovanna Massoni, Cristina Morozzi, Chantal Prod'Hom and Rossana Orlandi.

The pages of the volume overlapped by the words of the designers, their experience in De Castelli, among the machinery, materials and people behind this philosophy that have inspired the project itself. A collective identity told in Gianluca Vassalli's video, a visual story about the company’s craftsmanship and its passion for design.