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29 LUG 2017
For the Bronte restaurant, in London’s Trafalgar Square, Tom Dixon and Design Research studio (DRS) retrace the historic past of the location and reinterpret traditional features with a contemporary twist. The result? A distinctly modern British style

History dictated the guidelines for the creation of the Bronte restaurant, located on the Strand, the road that leads to Trafalgar Square and contains the legacy of Victorian explorers and art collectors who, with the famous Cabinet of Curiosities, led the way to the development of the first concept of an art gallery/museum here.
It is Design Research Studio’s (DRS) second restaurant, following the Éclectic in Paris, which the architectural interior design group designed with the creative direction of Tom Dixon, who imbued it with his own strong personality while inevitably drawing inspiration from the character of the location.

The building immediately impresses with its façade, which consists of large arched windows under a charming columned loggia that serves as an outdoor seating area. Inside, the double height creates a loft and dining areas distributed in a way that ensures that you never lose the sense of intimacy, all bathed in an extraordinary quantity of natural light. The neutral-colored background features distinctly eccentric furniture, such as the pink concrete breakfast bar, the green granite kitchen, the pewter cocktail bar, sofas specially made in green leather and black wood cabins. A palette of colors that celebrates the eclectic range of food and drink offered to customers. Naturally, the interior incorporates the theme of traveling and exploration, which is honoured by a series of unusual collector’s objects from the nautical, botanical and geological worlds. The furniture includes pieces designed by Tom Dixon, notably the Fade, Curve and Plan Wall lighting systems.