Zanotta tells contemporary living


  •  New Nomad: a contemporary woman with a suitcase always ready, she lives her life travelling. She makes her home a place for quiet reflection, for individual expression, the most precious part of her freedom
  •  New Nomad
  •  Couple 2.0: they love to share experiences and at the same time nurture individual passions. A couple that enjoys spending time in the city but also in their home, which is always open to friends. A home of stereotypes but also personal, intimate spaces
  •  Couple 2.0
  •  Urban Farmer: he cares about living well and healthy eating. He brings nature into his home, tending to his kitchen garden with ancient wisdom coupled with modern means. His home features bright, open spaces with a seamless flow, natural materials and scents of olden times
  •   Mobility wizard: he is always on the move, using alternative, eco-sustainable means to get around, and never without his earphones and action camera. It's a lifestyle that demands a home that accommodates his times and his mobility
  •  Mobility wizard
  • Indipendent maker: determined and focused on making her passion her profession. She understands trends and reworks them with her own personality. Her home belongs to the world of the future and embraces the promise of dynamic design, which responds to her intuitions
  •  Indipendent maker
  •   High Tech Addicted: he lives for technology, for innovation that simplifies and enriches everyday life. His style is embodied in a connected, adaptable home that follows and accompanies the continuous technological evolution
  •  High Tech Addicted

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10 OTT 2017
Six stories, six domestic scenes to represent everyday life in an interpretation by Studio Calvi Brambilla. The Zanotta: Stories journey, unfolds at Caselli Daziari in Porta Garibaldi

Memory, food, technology, history, love, future. Six themes, supposedly universal, related to the present and to the daily life of world citizens of today. Global citizens, digital creators, hyper-connected people who move constantly and through alternative modes in the network, the cities, the society.
This are the guidelines of the Zanotta: Stories exhibition, a story told through the exhibit dedicated to the spaces and the ways of contemporary living, developed in six scenes, or rather six rooms, following a concept designed by Studio Calvi Brambilla.
From the most contemporary collections to the most iconic elements, Zanotta products are designed to create different home scenarios that guiding the stories and everyday life of their protagonists, suggestive and varied interpretations of new residential trends.

"The future is interpreted by Zanotta's products and its catalog, symbolic and representative pieces," said Giuliano Mosconi, CEO of Tecno, a company that last February acquired a majority stake of Zanotta, during the inauguration of the exhibition at Fondazione Feltrinelli "We are confident that new consumers will prefer a home image distant from the bourgeois style of their predecessors. Instead, they will have a home enhanced by experience, richer in meaning, less “stylish” but more personal.”

The result is an emotional promenade created by the company's proposals, in which to reflect, to taste and embrace.