Versatile and minimalist design for the new Scavolini Qi


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9 NOV 2017
Qi is the new collection for kitchen and bathroom by Scavolini, conceived by the Japanese studio Nendo. An essential and contemporary concept, designed to create space and offer absolute design freedom

The new Qi collection by Scavolini, for kitchen and bathroom environments, features all the distinctive attributes of Japanese-inspired design by Oki Sato, the heart of Nendo's studio. With the new collection, he wanted to "create more space, achieve a sense of freedom and something else that in a certain way, relaxes you: something totally different."

Leitmotiv is a great minimal appeal, on which is based the concept itself: to make the environment disappear by concentrating it in two central objects, a storage unit, a synthesis of an expressive code that can be repeated indefinitely, and a wooden shelf, essential and linear in the volumes. New ways of living in the space, with a project where the two elements create a real storage system that becomes the protagonist of customizable compositions for the kitchen and bathroom (Scavolini Bathrooms).

And if the Qi kitchen, made up of linear compositions of freestanding islands, features no wall cabinets but storage elements resting on the shelves or presented like sink and hob, which become unusual and important customized elements, also in the bathroom the storage system is chosen as an alternative to wall cabinets and draws the washbasin, available in the variants of recessed, wall hung and freestanding.

For the Qi project has been created an exclusive range of decorative, soft touches, featuring two wood effect shades, to perfectly integrate craftsmanship and modern technology.