International living by Borzalino

Paola Tisi


  • Greg sofa design by Carlo Bimbi
  • Greg sofa design by Carlo Bimbi
  • Eva Capitonné armchair design by Carlo Bimbi
  • Diva armchair design by Carlo Bimbi
  • Light Series coffee tables design by Carlo Bimbi
  • Mia armchair design by Carlo Bimbi
  • Agata e Anita mirror design by Andrea Andretta in collaboration with Studio Oxi
  • Half-moon mirrors design by Andrea Andretta in collaboration with Studio Oxi
  • Meridian coffee tables design by Andrea Andretta

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14 NOV 2017
In perfect harmony with the luxurious and international Downtown Design interiors, Borzalino upholstery and accessory collections bring their timeless elegance to Dubai, coupled with the superior craftsmanship of eloquent and refined made in Italy design

Sofas, arm chairs, chairs, tables and accessories: the 2017 Borzalino collections on display in Dubai represent timeless Italian taste which knows how to speak to the world and seamlessly adapt to any interior, from private residences to luxury hotels.

Products which respond to international taste, expressing refined materials, finishings and craftsmanship. An example of this can be seen in upholstered furniture designed by Carlo Bimbi, starting with the Sofa Greg, featuring clean lines, where the refinement of vegetal leather and velvets is matched with wooden bases. Then we have the Eve Plus and Eve Capitonné armchairs, featuring original details such as the gros-grain edge which enhances the frame and seat form, along with inner and outer frames enriched by double saddled fell stitching. Then there's the armchair Diva, with an enticing and enveloping shell-shaped back and decorative Art Deco lines. The revolving version is ideal for tea or conversation, whereas the fixed version is perfect for any waiting room. The armchair Mia, complete with headrest, offers all the comfort and style of tradition, reinterpreted in a modern language using important and refined materials and finishings.

The coffee tables Light Series and B Series are also by Carlo Bimbi, whereas Meridian is designed by Andrea Andretta. Accessories also include original mirrors, also by Andretta, Half-moon and Agata - Anita, the latter designed in collaboration with Studio Oxi.