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  • Studio Tame - Hangzhou
  • Mutto Group - Shanghai
  • Tony Lee - Shenzhen
  • Urbancraft Design Studio - Shanghai « I decided to present MOMENT dressing table at SaloneSatelitte this year. I enjoyed the whole process of creating this product. It was a process of discovering and pursuing ?balance? in furniture design. First is seeking the balance of material combination: the top is made of marble, the mirror is made of glass and the treasure chest is made of walnut, ultimately, they are combined with brass. Secondly is seeking the balance of functionality. I wanted very element of this dressing table to be independent with its own function and form. Lastly, it is very important to balance style and structure. With simple forms and clear lines, the structure of MOMENT dressing table is quite straight forward. However, embracing minimalism doesn?t eliminate its feminine touch».
  • Yeqi Jia - Beijing
  • Kwong Sai Kit Adrian - Hong Kong
  •  Gong Jiali - Beijing
  • Kim Chan - Guangzhou
  • Yue Jiang - Beijing
  • Zhiwen Yu - Beijing
  • William Wang e Yaxi Liu - Beijing «The mobile furniture ?Moniture? is the project we present at SaloneSatellite. It unfolds the story of ?Neo-nomads Era? when people is more mobile than ever. In now days, it becomes quite common to spend time in different cities, work in various places and explore the world by traveling around. So we hope to firstly share the societal changes with a boarder public, secondly raise more discussion among the ?Urban Nomads? who seek new form of freedom, thirdly to explore the answers of ?What if furniture became anything but no longer household?? so as to keep the project evolving further».

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24 NOV 2017
At the SaloneSatellite in Shanghai, 53 young designers measure with top-ranking professionals and companies to show them an innovative design approach that looks at contemporary world without forgetting their origins and traditions

53 young talents (all of them under 35) are the main characters of the SaloneSatellite’s second edition, in Shanghai. The event, which celebrated its first twenty years last April, lands in China, faithful companion of the original event and equally faithful to maintaining its fundamental goals: encouraging the creativity of new generations. The winners will also be invited to attend SaloneSatellite in Milan next year.

Here is a short review of exhibiting installations and their young authors.