Vanitas Espai, scenographic effect

Agatha Kari


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30 GEN 2018
Azulejos are the leitmotif inside the Barcelona-based beauty salon Vanitas Espai, revamped in a recent make-over by Cm2 Disseny, with HI-MACSŪ acrylic stone

Without a doubt the first thing we look for upon entering a beauty salon is cleanliness and hygiene. The prevalence of white colour and HI-MACS®, in Alpine White tonality, as a dominant material, have created a clean, elegant, yet welcoming ambience. If the aforementioned constitutes a base-line criteria, it has been gloriously surpassed by the Barcelona-based design duo Christina Caballero and Clara Lleal. Their project focused on conferring a high scenographic impact upon the salon, using details such as large mirrors, effective lighting and important white drapery to evoke a stage-like setting. The salon, which reopened in 2017, is located in the heart of Eixample and is divided into five areas: reception, manicure and pedicure, coiffeur and private treatment cubicles. Azulejos by the designer Marcel Wanders constitute a recurring theme throughout each section (manufactured by ceramiche Bardelli), as well as the natural wood flooring which designers decided to keep as it confers a strong personality upon these interiors. A desk made from Alpine White 12 mm HI-MACS® stands triumphantly in the reception area, whose surface reveals the same ornamental pattern as on the azulejos, to the touch. This material is almost as strong as stone and as malleable as wood: it can be cut, blunted, bored or polished, without any visible jointing.

A staircase leads down to the manicure and make-up area, where the designers, also entrusted with the selection of furnishings,  have truly indulged themselves in designing a versatile 'transformer' unit which can be used as a hairdresser styling station or as a manicure table. Here too the top is in acrylic stone, easily bored in four points to insert two bronze-colour painted iron stands and table legs which transform into elegant flower vases. White melts away in the washing area, where black prevails on walls and furniture, with a scenographic effect generated by important round mirrors, illuminated by the large white chandelier Snoob, by Karman.



Designer: Cm2 Disseny - Cristina Caballero e Clara Lleal
Supplier of HI-MACS®: Gabarró Hermanos
Material: HI-MACS® Alpine White S028 12 mm
Azulejos: Ceramica Bardelli with design by Marcel Wanders
Bespoke accessories: designed by Cm2 Disseny and made by Ideas & Ambientes HI-MACS® transformer: Ideas & Ambientes
Accessories: sofa model Regento Bench by Crearte Collections

Photography: © Felipe Mena