999 questions for 999 ways of living

Paola Tisi


  •  Installazione Edison
  • The subcurators of the exhibition
  •  NABA, Pop Living installation
  •  Fuori Scala by BBMDS

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30 GEN 2018
Conceived and curated by Stefano Mirti and open until 2 April at La Triennale di Milano, the “999. A collection of questions about contemporary living” exhibition represents a tangle of questions about our living places and explores the home like never before

An unconventional, collaborative exhibition that evolves in harmony with time and space: 999. A collection of questions about contemporary living is a major investigation into the concept of the home and living environment, halfway between the physical and digital world. It is an authentic story in which each of the parties involved narrates their own idea of living. And there are many people involved: a network of over 50 co-curators from various fields, as well as communities, companies, activities, schools, multinationals, informal groups, research centers, designers and artists, who create extensive content through their interactions. “It is a program of significant Italian experiences accompanied by a number of international guests that involve the public in an interactive, participatory way thanks to a series of physical, digital and social settings,” explains the curator, Stefano Mirti.

There are daily meetings, performances, residences, workshops, installations and more: the visitor embarks on a journey into the home of a future that is present, moving from one environment to another and interacting face-to-face with a series of new ways of living.

The narration, which opens with an immersive installation created together with Edison, the main partner of the exhibition, unfolds through various variations on the theme.

The countless projects include six artist residences curated by BASE Milano: six Italian and international artists – Apparatus 22, Francesca Chiacchio, Maurizio Cilli, Isabella Martin, Strasse and Simone Rueß –    develop the Living in a residence project. The artists, reflecting on the relationship between the individual housing environment and the urban context, are guests at the Via Bergognone 34 residence, where they develop their own reflection to create their project by working – for around two weeks during different periods – inside the exhibition in view of the public.

One of the stars is Lago, which, starting from the belief that design is a powerful tool for social transformation, able to positively influence mankind and the way in which people experience furniture, has created, together with Impact Hub, a design space for dialogue and discussion, embracing the concept that it is not the object that is important, but the life that takes place around it. The furnished Where Ideas Have Sex space features participants from different sectors, who share ideas and moments of life around the Community Table, a long “social” table, and in the Air Kitchen island.

“What about those who no longer have a home?” This is the question asked by interior architecture and design firm BBMDS, which is participating in the exhibition with the “Fuori Scala” project, created thanks to Luce di Carrara Marmo in collaboration with ActionAid Italia.


Photo Credits: © Gianluca Di Ioia