Alias: when technology meets aesthetics

Paola Tisi


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6 FEB 2018
In Stockholm, Alias interprets the home/office world with rigour and abstraction, conveying its own vision focused on innovation, technology and lightness, in an open space just waiting to be discovered

Alias has developed an elegant and rigorous set as the venue for presenting its latest products in Stockholm, each showcased in their uniqueness in a sequence of colours and finishings which exalt their technological characteristics.

The Frame 52 collection is a fine example, through which Alias and Alberto Meda have profoundly renewed Frame, one of the company's best-sellers, to respond to new work models. New proportions are masterfully combined with tilting mechanisms for enhanced comfort, making the rollingframe 52, meetingframe 52 and meetingframe lounge 52 perfect for informal technical seating, home offices and operational offices. The collection also includes the Frame 52 Soft version, with moulded cushion.

The Slim Collection by PearsonLloyd is an ultra-contemporary collection characterised by extremely light and comfortable items. A family consisting of the operational seats Slim Task, Slim Conference and Slim Lounge, perfect for waiting or relaxing in.

The upholstered furnishing collection Eleven, also by PearsonLloyd, has expanded with the introduction of the new High Back version, for armchairs and two or three seater sofas, featuring side and back panels which can be attached to the feet to create a protected and private area.

The upholstered system Okome by Nendo includes seat and back elements combinable and joinable using a coupling system, bringing to life new configurations created for specific uses for home and office interiors.