De Castelli opens in Stockholm

Paola Tisi


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5 FEB 2018
The Veneto company's first flagship store beyond Italy is destined to become a focal point of Scandinavian distribution, at the heart of the strategic northern European market

The inauguration of the new Flagiship Store Stockholm is a significant step for De Castelli, confirmation of the company's attention to foreign markets and an expansion trend which has boosted export from 58 to 73% over the last two years.

An elegant space in a historic building nestled in historic Östermalm, one of the city's most exclusive neighbourhoods, characterised by the highest concentration of international brands, auction houses, antique galleries and the finest stores specialised in design and interior design.

A venue entirely dedicated to metals and finishings aimed at enhancing continuous research into materials showcased in the in-store materioteca, and a set which hosts a selection of furnishings and accessories from the De Castelli collection, as well as wall and flooring surfaces, the latest project path to be developed by the company.

A venue which hosts presentations, events and installations, devoted to showcasing the brand, perfect for networking and meeting designers, where architects and interior designers can exchange ideas and be inspired by ideas and suggestions, seek assistance and innovative solutions for contract projects and creations.