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5 FEB 2018
The Danish company 's flagship store will open in Stockholm, tomorrow

The Carl Hansen & Son have come to Sweden's capital on occasion of then traditional design week, the third (in terms of chronology, not importance) event of the year, after Cologne and Paris. The company's president, Knud Erik Hansen describes Stockholm as "a unique, one of a kind destination". Indeed over the next few days things are really heating up in the capital, despite the weather.

Design week and Stockholm Furniture have established themselves as important destinations in the design and furnishing world. Growth over the last two years indicates less local and more international scope.

Carl Hansen & Son made its resoudndingly successful 2018 début at Design Post, Cologne. The company has continued to ride this wave of positivity from Germany, opening its first ever flagship store in Sweden, where visitors can actually touch all the latest products with their own hands and experience a live performance recounting the Gelsted-based company's artisanship.

True to tradition, all products speak Danish and the company confirms its triple link with Danish design and history: new products include the steel and wicker version of the dining chair PK1 by the master Poul Kjærholm (the original project dates back to 1955). The Society Table desk is a tribute to the architect Arne Jacobsen's functionalism, another seminal exponent of design history. It was originally conceived back in 1952.

Each Carl Hansen & Son piece has its own story to tell, behind each product lies a small (and sometimes a big) world, just waiting to be discovered, which live off their own light, when brought to light when updated in a manner that is respectful of their origins.


Carl Hansen & Son Flagship Store
Karlavagen 76 - Stockholm