Aesthetics according to Tonin Casa


  • Mivida armchair
  • Aralia armchair
  •  Floute coffee table
  • Pandora coffee table
  • Honey cupboard
  • Maya cupboard
  • Tiffany cupboard

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6 FEB 2018
The company debuts at the Stockholm Furniture Fair with new collections following a strategy that aims at contemporary aesthetic perfection

“Ricreare, rimodellare, dar vita al miglior design” (Re-create, remodel, give life to the best design). It is the inspiring principle that drives the designers of Tonin Casa, who see in the concept of interior design a journey towards beauty, towards aesthetic perfection as a combination of details and softness; principles that are embodied in contemporary furniture collections.

At the Stockholm Furniture Fair, the company recreates this path in an exhibition space scattered with proposals for the living area; starting from the Butterfly table, completely devoted to formal lightness, as well as the seats: Mivida, elegant and refined in its soft lines, or the new Aralia that features a slight touch of Nordic style; to the sideboards and tables that enhance and complete the scene: here are the refined Flute coffee tables or the multi-material Pandora coffee tables, the Maya, Tiffany and Pandora sideboards, which play with the most varied geometries to create dynamic and bewitching surfaces.
Towards a new definition of contemporary design.